Practical Conversational Spanish Classes in New York City
Brooklyn (Prospect Heights), Lower East Side, North of Madison Square Park, Midtown, Brooklyn (Park Slope)

Sparring Spanish classes meeting with your own private or semi-private native tutor is the most effective way to achieve fluency in New York City ( NYC / Manhattan ) and Brooklyn NY. We provide customized one-on-one conversational classes and small group lessons for individuals and organizations.

Whether you are interested in Spanish for industry-specific needs, generic purposes or to prepare to a standardized test, learn from native tutors who focus on integrally developing your speaking, listening, reading and/or writing communication skills whether your level is beginner, elementary, intermediate or advanced.

Adapts to Your Unique Interests and Needs

Meeting and communicating privately or semi-privately with your native tutor means that every session is completely focused on your interests and objectives. Our Spanish classes in New York City and Brooklyn furthermore allow you to either learn Spanish for everyday conversation or to either focus on learning the aspects of the language that are most relevant for a particular area, field or industry.

Although most of our students prefer us to focus on developing their verbal and listening skills, the private or semi-private nature of our class allows you to have total control on deciding what areas/skills of the language we focus the most whether they relate to grammar, reading, writing, vocabulary acquisition, speaking or listening.


Ideal for Students that Need to Make Rapid Improvements

Our Spanish classes in New York City and Brooklyn allow you to:

  • choose the most convenient times and days to meet (subject to availability)
  • meet with your instructor anywhere between 2 to 16 hours per week making it ideal for students that need to make rapid improvements – to travel, relocate or prepare for a proficiency exam, for example. Our Spanish Classes guarantee you the chance to practice communicating in every situation you anticipate faster than anywhere else.


Fair Price

Our prices for Private Spanish Classes in New York City and Brooklyn vary depending on:

  • the size of the class
  • the place where you have your sessions (your tutor home, a pre-selected cafe or your home or office)
  • the number of levels (or faction of a level) that you pre-pay; the more levels you pre-pay, the cheaper per hour it becomes. Enroll risk free! You will get a full refund if not fully satisfied with your first session.
Key Benefits
  1. Communicate in Spanish faster
  2. Native tutors
  3. Very small student:teacher ratio allows speak and practice extensively
  4. Classes and tutoring customized to unique needs
  5. You choose when and where to meet
  6. 100% satisfaction GUARANTEED!

Why Study Spanish in NYC?

  1. In the United States alone, Spanish is the language of origin of nearly one person in ten
  2. It is the third most widely spoken language in the world and second in the US
  3. It is expected to be the first language of 50% of the population of the United States within 50 years
  4. It is the foreign language most studied in non Hispanic countries of America and Europe.

About Our Tutors in NYC

  • Native speakers
  • Extensive tutoring experience
  • Energetic, enthusiastic and strongly passionate about teaching and sharing their culture
  • Highly educated and carefully screened
  • Extensively trained in the science and art of tutoring
  • Customer-centric and accessible outside of class

About Our School in NYC

SPANISHblackbelt, a member of the Better Business Bureau, is a language institute that specializes in high-powered tutoring programs that rapidly develop language skills and cultural background for success in the business environment, academia, travel and entertainment. Founded in 2004, the institute is focused on providing the highest quality language tutoring services to students of all ages living in New York City NY (NYC) including: Brooklyn (Prospect Heights), Lower East Side, North of Madison Square Park, Midtown, Brooklyn (Park Slope)

Spanish Classes in New York City and Brooklyn NY

Manhattan / New York City / NYC / Brooklyn (Prospect Heights), Lower East Side, North of Madison Square Park, Midtown, Brooklyn (Park Slope)

Spanish Classes in Manhattan

Spanish Classes in NYC

Spanish Classes in Brooklyn


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