Small Group Spanish Classes in New York City
by SpanishBlackbelt's Native Spanish Teachers

for Students Ages 16 to Adult

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Spanish Tutoring in New York CityImprove your Conversational Spanish skills by meeting face-to-face with up to 3 other classmates matched by ability and your native Spanish teacher at a convenient cafe, library or at your teacher's home without needing to commute far away from where you live in New York City.

  • Practicing in a group matched by ability can be comforting and inspirational because you see other students working through the same language challenges you are tackling. It also helps everyone to learn from each other’s mistakes. Other non-native speakers understand what you are accomplishing and have lots of patience as you speak because, believe it or not, they’re gaining just as much from listening to you as you are from practicing speaking.
  • Your small group Spanish classes in New York City will start at a specific date and time and will run for 8 weeks. You Best Spanish Schoolwill be meeting once a week on a regular two-hour session each week, on either a weeknight or a weekend class.
  • Small groups may be available in up to 9 different levels of Spanish proficiency.

  • Neighborhoods served include Brooklyn (Brooklyn Heights), Fashion District, North of Madison Square Park, Brooklyn (Park Slope), Midtown, among a few others.
  1. Your learn faster

  2. Speak and practice extensively in class

  3. 100% satisfaction GUARANTEED!


  • Native speakers
  • Extensive teaching experience
  • Energetic, enthusiastic and strongly passionate
  • Highly educated and carefully screened
  • Extensively trained


"I wanted to learn some Spanish, without the energy or motivation to go through formal classes. I was lucky to find SpanishBlackbelt... my teacher can tailor the lessons to what I really need and want... And all this in a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere." Marie Diron



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Spanish Classes in New York City

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